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Everything You Need to Know About Plantation Shutters for Bay Windows

Bay Windows are a popular and desirable feature in any home. Not only do they open up a space, but they’re also great for drawing lots of light into a room. However, bay windows can be notoriously difficult to dress. What’s more, all that window space can create problems with privacy and heat control.

A great solution is using plantation shutters to dress your bays. Not only do wooden shutters look stunning on bay windows, they also give your more control over your lighting, insulation and privacy.

What are the Benefits of Using Shutters for Bay Windows?

Plantation shutters work beautifully in bay windows with their sleek and contemporary design. No more hiding your beautiful bay windows behind dusty curtains and clunky rails!

Bay window shutters allow you to adjust your lighting and privacy levels to suit the occasion and time of day. Open them up to allow sunlight to flood the room, tilt the slats for lower light levels and more privacy, or shut them completely for cosy nights in.

Plantation shutters also give you more control of heat and insulation. In cooler months, they can create an additional barrier against heat loss and provide a more efficient level of insulation. In summer, you can tilt the slats to block out the direct sun whilst allowing airflow through their louvres.

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What Shutter Options are there for Bay windows

We have several options available for bay window shutters. If you’re unsure what will work best in your space, we can talk you through the different styles at your free home appointment.

Full Height Shutters

Full Height shutters cover the entire window in full-length panels. A mid-rial can be added on taller bays for more options with louvre tilt. Full Height shutters are classic and elegant and can elongate the look of your windows.

Tier-on-Tier Shutters

Tier-on-Tier shutters allow the top and bottom panels to operate independently, so you can adjust them to allow light to flood in from above while controlling the privacy level below. They are an excellent choice for taller bay windows.

Café Style shutters

Bring continental chic to your home with Café Style shutters. Think street-level cafés serving coffee and pastries. Café Style is the perfect choice if you’re looking for privacy but don’t want a full window covering. With only the bottom half of your window covered, you can keep your privacy while keeping as much natural light as possible.

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How to Get Your Bay Window Shutters Fitted

Measuring for bay window shutters is more complicated than measuring for a standard square window. Please feel free to do a rough measure for a quick quote. However, we strongly recommend not trying to DIY your bay window shutters! We will come to your home for a full and precise measure before expertly fitting your shutters for a professional finish at exceptional value.

How Much Do Bay Window Shutters Cost

The cost of bay window shutters depends on your window size and shutter type. Our shutter prices start from £240 per square metre – which includes VAT, measuring and fitting.

Want to find out more? Speak to your local shutter specialists today for a quick quote or to book a free home visit.


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