October 21

How to Choose the Best Shutter Type for Your Space

Hardwood shutters come in a range of styles which work best in different spaces and environments. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at what questions you need to consider when choosing shutter types for your interiors.

Need some help? Why not give us a call. We’re on hand to talk through your project and help you decide on the best shutters for your home.

Shutter Types: Full HeightCafé Style | Tier-on-Tier | Shaped | Bay Window | Black Out | Bathroom (PVC) | Tracked (Sliding)

How Much Lighting and Privacy Control Do You Need?

All plantation shutters give you much more control and versatility with lighting and privacy levels than curtains and regular blinds. Simply adjust the slatted louvres to suit or open and close the full panel to adjust lighting and privacy when you need.

If you’re looking for even more versatility, consider opting for a Tier-on-Tier design. These divide your shutters into an upper and lower section which you can open, close and adjust independently.

Want to keep as much natural light as possible but add privacy at street level? Check out our Café Style Shutters.

What Size Are Your Windows?

Take into account your window size. Large windows may benefit from the added versatility of a Tier-on-Tier design, but this option can look out of place on small windows. Likewise, Café style Shutters are not well-suited to small windows, which tend to look better with a Full-Height design.

Do You Need a Blackout Option?

If you’re installing shutters in a bedroom and want as much darkness as possible when your shutters are closed, our Blackout option is the perfect solution. Blackout Shutters can be particularly helpful for people in areas with high light pollution.

Are Your Shutters Going to Be in a Wet or Damp Area?

If your shutters are going in a wet or damp area, then you’ll need to opt for our Polyvinyl (PVC) Water Resistant design. This hardwearing material still looks smart and stylish but ensures your shutters last in wet areas such as bathrooms and utility rooms.

How Do You Want Your Shutters to Open?

Most of our shutter designs open with a hinge mechanism; however, for larger window spaces, doors and room dividers, a Tracked Shutter Design can work well. A Tracked Shutter slides on a track, concertinaing neatly to one side. You need to ensure there is enough space to one side for the concertina to slide into for this type of design.

What Design Best Suits Your Taste and Home Style?

Personal preference is an important factor too. After considering the practical aspects, you can choose the shutter type that best fits your taste and home style. The good news is, our shutters look fabulous in a wide range of homes, from new builds to old cottages, so it’s impossible to go wrong! Why not browse through our Shutter Types pages and see what catches your eye.

Here at Hardcastle Shutters, we have many years experience fitting interior shutters. If you’re unsure about style choice, please get in touch. We’d be delighted to discuss your project with you.


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